If you want to impose grammar rules on your wiki here is the easy guide to set up the rules without a major user anger wave. First if you are a very new wiki (1 day to 2 weeks), If imposing grammar rules you cannot make the rules to radical, e.g 'If you do a grammar mistake you will be blocked for a week'. But since you just formed a wiki you have an advantage, because you can impose gammar rules that are semi-radical and still not have a user anger wave. But older wiki's with a thick user base (e.g Wild Ones Wiki) are at a disadvantage, as since they have a thick userbase a semi-radical move could cause total chaos and anger from users. Those wiki's can't even be semi-radical, a good rule for those kinds of wiki's would be 'If you make grammar or spelling mistakes three or more than three times within a month you will be blocked for 1 day'. If you have more than 30 users the only wa you can impose grammar rules that are even LIBERAL, you would have to recieve community consensus.