If your a wiki owner and your off on a good start with a few regular editors and are looking for a Bureacrat to fit the jub, heres a guide.

Checking Block Log and How they Treat Other UsersEdit

If you see a few potential Bureacrats there are a few crucial steps to choosing the right one. First check if he had been blocked on any wiki via favorite wikis. Then if there is a block or series of blocks check how long ago they were and how severe. If there were 2 or more (Not more than 5) but they were more than 7 months ago they pass that step. If there was a series of blocks only a bit ago they are not fit to be a bureacrat, for they have disregard for the rules. The next step is how they treat members of YOUR wiki. If there is one user he/she tends to get a fight with, check how severe it is. If it has large amounts of cursing, threats, and fights they are not fit to be a Bureacrat. Also if they have small scale but many enemies they are not fit to be a Bureacrat. If they get along well with other users and there was a small fight with a user a while ago and it calmed down they past that step.

Testing if WorthyEdit

The next step is the rise to power. Make them an administrator and tell them nothing about wanting to make them a Bureacrat. Wait 2 weeks and see if they still act like they were before becoming administrator and are doing great edits, also enforcing the rules. Just because they are an administrator or Bureacrat on another wiki doesn't mean they are fit for the job on YOUR wiki

Recap, No No'sEdit

Been blocked several times on another wiki within 7 months

SEVERELY not get along with one user, confrontation usually ends in threats, cursing, and fighting

Or does not get along though small scale with many users

If promoted to administrator favors a user, does not enforce rules, and bad edits

IS MOSTLY INACTIVE (Very important)