The Senate is formed by all the founders of the wikis that are members of the alliance. They dictate laws and if a member should leave. The full list of the powers of the Senate are listed on this page. They also choose which wiki's are on the Alliance Enemy List. The President has the authority to add people to the Alliance at his will.

Members Edit

  • Povertised Wikis
  1. Prillin101 on behalf of Book of Potter Wiki
  2. Phaeton1622 on behalf of the Harry Potter Replay Wiki
  3. Zen Shadow on behalf of Geishaworld
  4. Pizzaman 15 on behalf of the Mahoutokoro Roleplay Wiki
  5. Harryvlas13 on behalf of the Harry Potter Wizarding World of Roleplay
  • Middle Class Wiki
  1. Wildoneshelper on behalf of the Wild Ones Wiki
  2. Missingno. on behalf of the Gumbapedia Fanon wiki
  3. Acer Indonesia on behalf of Avatar Wiki (Indonesia)
  • Wealthy Wikis
  • Senior Wikis