Wiki (1)

Class: Middle Class Wiki

Senator: Wildoneshelper

Date added to the senate: 15th January, 2012

History of the wiki: The wiki is founded by Funkey100 on April 2010 and the wiki is very new. Information were well-organized. In November, Wikia changed its style and made the wiki to be a little bit "unbeautified". Since then, the "founder" of this wiki in this senate joins the wiki. The wiki experienced a peaceful period but vandalism start to occur in this wiki. The wiki experienced a large scale of vandalism in June which heavily damages the pages and the honor. Since then, Wildoneshelper immediately made the vandalism scale and the vandalism warning which help the wiki to lower the vandalism. The vandalism scale also helps the sysop to determine the block period quickly as well. Since then, vandalism in this wiki became inactive. In September, Wildoneshelper improved the wiki and made the wiki into the spotlight, increasing the fame of the wiki. Recently, the wiki has been holding recruits for users as many good users have left the wiki. Some people come to the wiki and contribute it. There are some good users and helped us to change the cover of the wiki, whose work is WildBrick142.

Purpose of the wiki: Wild Ones is a popular game in Facebook and one of the game which has a lot of players. Since Wild Ones is established in April 2010, it has been guarded by few users and became popular after putting the wiki in the spotlight. The purpose of the wiki is to create a library for the game that people can look into it and get tactics and details about the items. As it gets about 1000 visitors each day, we hope to provide more information and entertainment to the wiki, so that the visitors can enjoy surfing our wiki. Recently, we have made some upgrades to the wiki and make the wiki more sophisticated, so that we can catch up with some popular wikis and we hope to make it to the wealthy wiki soon.

Advanced technology added to the wiki:

  • The advanced navbox was added to the wiki in July. It was lately improved by this month by making the bar not to shrink.
  • The calendar was added to the wiki in December but it was not commonly used.
  • Google Map was added to the wiki but it was not used.
  • The clock was added to the wiki in January, 2012, which successfully replied a user's request.
  • The advanced infobox was added to the wiki and it was not commonly used.
  • The show and hide tool, i.e. making the information to be seen and unseen, was added and it was mostly used in unreleased items.
  • The advanced toolbar was designed by Wildoneshelper and also the templates area. It made convenience to some users.
  • The Facebook box was added to the main page.
  • The Blog Posts box was added to the main page.
  • The useful template called Clr is learnt and discovered.
  • Some usernames have their link color changed.